Cosmetics and Perfumes

PONT EMPRESARIAL, can give excellent market references, after being part of some internalization projects of European brands here in Brazil.

Brazil has always been a very busy market for the consultant sales; you could always find famous neighborhood friends captivated you to participate in a meeting to test some products with the purpose of doing a purchase at lower prices than in the stores.

However, the big brands were entering the national market because of the large increase in the consumption capacity in general, and they brought many new products and opened the appetite of Brazilian consumers, especially woman, who are all very vain.

Demand is so high that it has been a growth industry for several years in rates of 15% to 20% annually, without stopping. However, the market still shows a lack of substantial variety to meet all kinds of social groups that are presented.

Unfortunately, it is a segment over-taxed with 115% tax on imports. Therefore it must be well analyzed before going into it.