INDUSTRIAL is perhaps the most consistent market sector where PONT EMPRESARIAL has experience, because of the number of projects and companies in which we have been involved.

So far, we have visited more than 150 plants in a wide range of segments, throughout 14 of the 25 states of Brazil. These visits were due to market studies and projects requested by our customers, where we collected a lot of information that would allow us to have a great knowledge of the subject.

Among the companies visited, we can highlight some sectors such as:

  • PLC (automation)
  • Chemistry
  • Agro business
  • Machines in general
  • Packaging:
    • Machines
    • Tecnical Packaging
    • Inspection line
    • Weight Control
  • Plastic injection:
    • Machines
    • Molds
  • Aluminum injection
  • Industrial Refrigeration