Market Approach

Code Service Tasks Results
ECN Study of nationalisation costs Calculation of the nationalisation factor for the product or service. Cost of the product placed into a Brazilian importer warehouse.
ECC Study of local commercialisation costs Calculation of the commercialisation cost for the product once introduced in Brazil. Actual selling price in Brazil, considering nationalisation costs and specific sector margins.
EEM Study of market scenarios Mapping of products or services and their prices, competitors and potential partners, and identification of market policies. Complete scenario of the Brazilian market regarding the product or service enabling strategic decision-making and setting up an action plan.
ARE Analysis of regulations Identification of homologations and registrations required for the product being commercialised in Brazil. Required documentation to obtain the needed certifications.
AGR Meeting schedule Contact partners identified during the EEM services and preparation of a work meeting schedule. Schedule of work meetings for a local prospection trip.
ACR Contact list and meeting schedule List of potential partners (drawn up together with the customer), contact, evaluation of the interest and preparation of the schedule. Contact list and schedule of work meetings for a local prospection trip.